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Long-Term Trucking Safety Initiatives Prove Effective

Long-Term Trucking Safety Initiatives Prove Effective

The trucking industry has seen many regulatory mandates, equipment changes, and technological advancements established throughout the years with the intent of improving safety. Over the last decade, a significant amount of attention has been given to preventing commercial vehicle accidents and ensuring drivers have the help they need to remain safe on the road – and to ensuring that the motoring public can feel secure sharing any highway with a truck.

Recently the Department of Transportation published a report indicating that fatal truck crashes had decreased nearly 4% from the previous year. This number may seem small, but it shows a substantial improvement in trucker safety which can likely be attributed to the changes made in the industry. A combination of lawmakers, trucking companies, health boards, and labor organizations have all worked diligently to help create, adapt, and modify laws pertaining to trucking safety over the years – and their efforts have proven to be worthwhile.

American Trucking Association President and CEO Bill Graves said: “While the one-year decline being reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is positive, the long-term trend is of paramount importance, and that trend is impressive. The number of crashes involving large trucks had fallen 39% since 2004 and, while there is much more to do, that is a figure our professional drivers, our safety directors, our technicians and our safety partners in federal and state law enforcement can be proud of.”

Reports indicates a reduction in the industry crash rate for large trucks, fatal crashes for large trucks, and crashes related to faulty parts. Advancements in technology including logging devices, alert systems, and other devices have also contributed largely to the decrease in accidents. By helping to account for the possibility of human error and by holding trucking companies that sacrifice safety for potential profits accountable, the industry has seen a very satisfying increase in safe driving.

Safe driving does more than help to prevent accidents – they help the trucking industry as a whole gain a more favorable reputation. This helps to increase business, promote job growth, and protect the interests of those who are employed in the industry as drivers, managers, and logistics personnel.

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