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Local Trucking Company Announces Expansion

Local Trucking Company Announces Expansion

Growth is always welcomed in the trucking industry. Recently a Northampton County trucking company announced that it had purchased a new industrial building in the Forks Township. This will allow SMR Trucking, SMR Logistics, and SMR Truck and Trailer repair to expand their operation.

This move will provide multiple benefits for both the organization and the surrounding area. It will allow the company to expand which will in turn create jobs. The family of companies is owned and operated by Sunny Kaur and his family.

SMR provides various services related to brokerage, warehousing, parking, repairs, and more. The owner spoke on the expansion, saying: “This is an all-in-one thing. There will be rental parking space available for truckers, mechanic and technical services and our brokerage firm will all be in one location.”

The company expects to add multiple new positions to support their expansion, including mechanics, technicians, and a secretary. Leigh Financial Group arranged the financing package which allowed the expansion to take place. The deal was facilitated by a national lender.

Leigh Financial Group arranged the financing package which allowed the expansion to take place. In a time where trucking companies have struggled to remain successful in the face of uncertain economic conditions, this type of expansion is welcomed.

Lewis Edwards, a member of the financing group, said: “They were working out of their homes. Now they have a great new building that brings everything together and lets them look ahead to expansion and hiring more people.”

The location of the new facility makes them expansion a prime example of how well-coordinated business expansion can have a multiplicative effect in terms of economic growth – especially in smaller areas. For a versatile organization like SMR, the move was a wise one as it allows them to continue to branch out and grow.

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