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Lift-Truck Sales Exceed Expectations in 2015

Lift-Truck Sales Exceed Expectations in 2015

As reported by the Industry Truck Association (ITA), the lift-truck industry of North America has set a new record and seen most success since 2006 which comes as good news to all lift-truck manufacturers, suppliers, and investors. Truly, the lift-truck industry was witnessing a soaring boom in the material handling industry and was able to export a total of 225,534 units in 2015. These retail orders in all classes reached a benchmark number back in the pre-recession era of 2006, when it reached the 215,000 units in a year mark. But that trend unfortunately didn’t continue.

Brett Wood, the CEO and president of Toyota Material Handling North America and ITA Chairman of the Board, said, “After a slow and steady recovery from the recession, the North American lift truck industry is healthy and strong.”

He further continued, “We hope more skilled professionals see our growth and realize the many opportunities available for an exciting career in the material handling industry and specifically the lift truck industry.”

ITA in the report broke down the golden number in terms of electric lifts and engine powered lifts. The total number of electric-powered lift trucks sold in 2015 was 141,846 units whereas the total number of engine-powered lift-trucks sold was 83,688 units. The sales of electric-powered truck-lifts increased with an 8% growth were compared to in 2014. This boost accounted for all the lift-trucks sold in North America. This summed up the overall demand for electrically powered lift-trucks at the start of New Year, which is 63.4% and that of engine-powered lift-trucks is 36.6%.

According to Brian Feehan, president of the Industrial Truck Association, “An increase in electric lift truck sales is due to several reasons including the emphasis on reduced emissions in many work environments.” He further believed . “From a global perspective, overall world lift truck sales in 2015 were over 1,000,000 units with North America being one of the largest markets for lift trucks.”

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