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Lawmakers Pushing for Smoother Transition Process for Veterans in Trucking

Lawmakers Pushing for Smoother Transition Process for Veterans in Trucking

Truck driving is the type of job which requires discipline, dedication, and focus. This has made the freight industry a prime target for returning military veterans who are seeking work. Given that more veterans are looking to enter the field as the number of carriers hiring increases, lawmakers have urged companies to make this type of transition process easier.

Many military veterans who look to enter the trucking industry do so because they drove trucks during their service. This often involves driving in rough conditions, which is why some believe that additional training shouldn’t be required under these circumstances.

In some cases, this seems reasonable. Being able to bypass these types of state and federal training requirements would help returning veterans transition into paying jobs quicker and with greater ease.

However, not everyone is in favor of this move. Some maintain that the roadways, infrastructure, and traffic conditions military veterans have driven in aren’t the same as the ones they’ll be asked to drive on for work. Since these kinds of differences could be hard to adjust to on the fly, some administrators are still on the fence when it comes to waiving traditional licensing requirements.

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