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Latest on the HWY Pro Trucking App

Latest on the HWY Pro Trucking App

A group of three entrepreneurs have developed a new trucking app, aimed at providing greater efficiency with load dispatch – and providing these perks to a sector of the driving industry that often gets looked over.

HWY Pro was developed by Bill Busbice, Paul Svindland, and Harry Hover. With experience in the trucking industry under the banner of ACE Transportation, these individuals were regularly made aware of the challenges truck drivers face daily.

The app is primarily targeted at owner operators. A common belief is that independent drivers spend the bulk of their time on the road, as they’re free from the top-down controls of carriers. However, this freedom comes with a cost. Most owner-operators spend a lot of time putting arrangements in place, similar to the way freelancers have more responsibility for their own livelihood than contact employees in some regards.

From filling out paperwork to making phone calls, there are plenty of tasks self-employed drivers must complete before they can make money. This doesn’t even include the plethora of legal mandates they must comply with. A complex process for organizing loads has made things harder than they need to be. The creators of the app hope to change this.

The developers of the app have called it Uber for trucking, though HWY Pro isn’t to be confused with Uber’s own Uber Freight app. HWY Pro aims to simplify the process for arranging the pickup of loads, just as Uber simplified the process of commuting from one place to another. It even offers a Smart Route Planning feature, letting drivers save multiple destinations, organize routes, and even find the stops they need along the way.

The idea behind the app is not just that it speeds things up – it allows specialists to work with one another. The versatile app provides options to help drivers arrange to pick up a load at a stop or on a route. The app also provides real-time updates, and the creators say its possible to arrange a load in less than half-a-dozen taps.

Cutting down the prep work before a job significantly means freeing up a drivers’ time and resources. By reducing preliminary processes from a matter of hours to a matter of minutes, HWY Pro is a game changer.

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