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L.J. Rogers Trucking Chooses ORBCOMM Asset Tracking

L.J. Rogers Trucking Chooses ORBCOMM Asset Tracking

L.J. Rogers is a well-known name in the trucking industry. This truckload carrier has been in the freight transportation and delivery business since 1986. In addition to their decades of experience, the company also boasts an impressive equipment inventory of nearly 500 pieces. Within their fleet is a number of dry vans, and this aspect of trucking is one of their specialties. In order to get cost-effective solutions for their asset tracking needs, the company has announced it will be adopting ORBCOMM’s Asset Tracking Solution.

ORBCOMM is a leading global provider of machine-to-machine technology. With solutions designed to help facilitate smooth communication, the organization has presented new opportunities for trucking carriers. By giving these carriers the ability to track, monitor, and control assets, they provide cost-effective solutions for cutting back on waste and maximizing productivity.

L.J. Rogers is no stranger to this logistical aspect of trucking. The company has their own branch dedicated to this type of practice, but they believe ORBCOMM’s advanced technology will take their organization to the next level. The self-powered, solar recharging telematics system provides data reporting, analytics, and an easy-to-use web platform.

Brad King, Vice President of Operations with L.J. Rogers Trucking Inc. said: “ORBCOMM has exceeded our expectations in providing a reliable and cost-effective asset tracking solution to help improve trailer availability, reduce fleet operations costs and ensure the safety, security and quality of our customers’ shipments from start to finish.”

ORBCOMM CEO Marc Eisenberg said: “ORBCOMM’s dry van trailer tracking system is taking hold in the transportation industry, and we’re pleased that leading truckload carriers like L.J. Rogers are investing in our solution for its unique advantages and long-term ROI benefits.”

ORBCOMM’s telematics solution also integrates smoothly with another handy trucking tool – The McLeod LoadMaster. This dispatch software platform can capture asset data in near-real-time including GPS position and operational conditions.

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