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Knight Transportation Expanding to Include Michigan Facility

Knight Transportation Expanding to Include Michigan Facility

Phoenix, Arizona is home to one of the Southwest’s most well-known trucking giants. Knight Transportation’s consistent rank as one of the top 30 trucking companies in the country is due in large part to the organization’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions for fast-growing companies across the country. This national network has gained the company a significant amount of attention from both clients seeking trucking services and investors seeking partners. Knight Transportation plans to continue its tradition of regular growth by establishing a facility in the West Michigan area.

The logistics center will open in Grand Rapids this year, and the $570,000 investment operation will create nearly 90 new jobs in the area over a three-year period. The company’s growth was reflected in stock prices, which ended up $0.04 above estimates. This 12.5% surprise factor caught the interest of many, and the additional funds put into the company are expected to help boost commerce and economy activity in the Grand Rapids area. The company’s commitment to first-rate logistics has enabled them to become a lucrative resource for investors and job-seekers alike. In addition to this, several well-known company polices have worked wonders to help Knight Transportation gain a positive image in the industry.

An avid participant in the EPA’s “SmartWay” program, Knight Transportation has been committed to environmentally-friendly practices for over ten years. The company has received multiple awards and commendations for implementing changes that have had positive effects on the environment. Similarly, the company has also placed a greater emphasis on fuel efficiency. Not only does this allow the company to save money and facilitate greater levels of growth, but it helps to reduce damaging emissions. In addition to making strides in fuel-saving technologies, the company has also implemented a green approach to many of their facilities. With solar panels, recycled materials, and water-loop ventilation systems, the company has become a leader in environment stewardship for the trucking industry.

Knight Transportation has consistently demonstrated both financial and ethical responsibility, bringing a sense of stability to its operations that other trucking companies have been known to lack. The company has expertise in the fields of dry van, temperature controlled transport, port and rail services, intermodal operations, and more. With a growing portfolio of over 10,000 carriers, Knight Transportation’s new facility may prove to be a major economic asset for the Grand Rapids area.

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