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Kenworth Truck Causes a Fire Incident

Kenworth Truck Causes a Fire Incident

A&R Logistics sued the Kenworth Truck fleet company in 2011, for the fire incident caused by one of their trucks. According to the company’s claims, a Kenworth truck caused a fire accident on its premises. The suit also included PACCAR, Inc. as a defendant. A&R Logistics has purchased and utilized Kenworth tractor trailers for years. These vehicles are specifically designed, manufactured, assembled, produced, distributed and sold by a stream of commerce departments by PACCAR and Kenworth. The distribution vehicles also included a 2011 Kenworth T660 tractor trailer. The lawsuit was filed as a complaint in the Wood Circuit Court and was transferred to the federal court.

The basis for the suit was the claim filed by A&R Logistics. According to their management, on September 22, 2015, a fire was caused on their premises by a truck belonging to Kenworth. This was the first link in the cycle of fire related hazards and recalls by the fleet company. A fire damage was also caused by a Kenworth T680 truck in 2015. According to the experts, the fire originated due to a fault in the electrical circuit board of the truck. GEI was assigned to investigate the causes and effects of the fire further. As soon as they found out the point of ignition and the causes, the gathered information was transferred to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s online database, to issue recall information for the vehicles which may have contributed in initiating the fire incident.

Kenworth has faced criticism over 41 recalls on its T800 vehicles in the recent years. The latest recall report was published by the NHTSA on October 10, 2015, due to some problems in the transmission system of the trucks. Since 1991, the company has faced a total of 97 recall issues due to several accidental hazards and problems with the engine components, driveshaft, lugs, nuts, motor, bolts and airway systems. The examination process usually takes place after the official information is published on the NHTSA website, which is responsible for recording date-of-loss fire related hazards. The vehicle is then examined and photographic evidence is collected systematically, after which the exterior of the vehicle is evaluated. The wheels and their position in the hubs are also documented to find out if they are properly inflated and mounted in their respective places.

Next, the interior, pre-fire electrical problems, and stockwiring, are investigated. The ignition switch router, heater ventilation stereo/radio systems, air conditioning units and the auxiliary power source is also examined to discover proof of fire hazard conditions. After that, the engine compartment is analyzed and the fuel injection systems are evaluated to find out about the fuel lines, hoses and supporting components. Then, an official report is published.

This pattern is repeated for all the vehicles which are related to possible fire related incidents. If the vehicle has any issues, the fleet company is issued a warning to recall all such vehicles from the distribution and sales sectors. Kenworth is thus, facing another bout of recall over the possible hazards, but the administration is hopeful to find a solution for this problem in a couple of months, after which the model will be released into the consumer market once again. – See more at:

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