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Kenworth T680s – Fuel-Efficient, Comfortable, and Productive

Kenworth T680s – Fuel-Efficient, Comfortable, and Productive

Marten Transport relies on the high performing and comfortable Kenworth T680 truck for consistent productivity. Marten Transport is one of the most successful and prominent temperature-controlled truckload carriers in the U.S. The company was established 69 years ago, in Mondovi, Wisconsin. It specializes in delivery services for temperature-sensitive food in insulated and controlled environments. The company employs more than 3,500 employees and operates throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Marten Transport is notorious for its consistent high performance, made possible due to thousands of trucks taking part in the delivery and transportation services throughout the region. Over the past few years, Marten Transport has purchased more than 600 of the latest T680s from Kenworth, which is a CMS company. Their last order input comprised mainly of the 1054 T680 day cabs that are installed with the latest PACCAR MX-13 engines that are popular for their fuel efficiency.

According to their CEO, Randy Marten, the sole reason to why the company prefers Kenworth trucks is because they help them retain and attract good drivers and transportation personnel. Marten Transport was founded by Roger Marten, and is now supervised by his son Randy Marten, who oversees the company’s operations and is responsible for changing the business model of the company over the years, which has had a massive impact on its major regional operations.

According to Marten, “We’re a long-haul intermodal business, and we’ve regionalized our truck deliveries by putting more than 700 trailers each day on trains. Our goal is to get drivers home at night as often as possible. We’ve been running Kenworths since 1967, but this newest evolution of Kenworth truck is incredible. We like everything about the T680 – the design, performance, fuel economy – but our drivers like Kenworths for the interior comfort and quiet ride.”

Marten Transport have major service terminals and stations in big cities in states like Texas, Virginia, California, Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Arizona, Oregon, and Kansas. The wide availability of terminals has decreased the haul length by at least half of what it used to be a few years ago, from 1,200 to 650 miles approximately. They have emphasized their decision of incorporating Kenworth in their company, due to their aim to provide their drivers comfort and satisfaction in the operations of commercial vehicles. This is one of the reasons why the company has one of the highest driver retention rates in the region.

Kenworth trucks are the main denominator to offer both performance and efficiency to the drivers. Marten drivers keep electronic logbooks in their trucks to keep a close eye on the fuel consumption and the vehicle system performance. During driver downtime, Marten has changed some of the inter-modal and regionalization specifications. This modification allows driver to fulfill the accommodation requirements during downtime.

Randy Marten said in a statement, “We’ve made a lot of changes in our efforts to provide drivers with a nice, even paycheck. To compete in this business, you have to serve your drivers with safe and comfortable work environments, and you have to have quality equipment that doesn’t break down. Kenworth gives us all that and more.” – See more at:

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