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Kentucky Truck Plant Upgraded By Ford

Kentucky Truck Plant Upgraded By Ford

Earlier this year, Ford announced that it will invest $1.3 billion in its Kentucky truck plant, which will support the new design of the Super Duty vehicles. The company had said it will retool and expand the place, including a better and newer body shop, which will create a job space for 2000 more employees among the present 4,400 employees.

According to the plan, it was estimated that 2,000 jobs will be available for fresh workers, though some of the spaces would be filled by workers from the other plants. This plan was introduced a while back, and Ford has finally announced that its plan of expansion and changes to the plant is a success.

Automotive news says that the company is flourishing better now and the huge growth is majorly due to the addition of the new paint and body shop for the Super Duty chassis cabs and pickups. Later, the news said the company will also include changes to its production to the Lincoln navigator SUVs and the next generation expeditions of Ford, which will use panel bodies made of aluminium at some point in time.

Currently, the company is trying to upgrade the F-150 models to Super Duty. It is estimated that the new 2017 Super Duty will have many benefits from the aluminium modified body compared to the Ford F-150 models that were released in previous years. While the F-150 model helped to save 700 pounds per model, the newer versions of this series will help to save 350 pounds; this is mainly because of the suspension and chassis that are heavier and stronger than the previous ones. Such modifications in the body will allow the new trucks to have a heavier payload capability as well as a higher capacity to tow.

The newer models with modified bodies are set to hit the markets in 2016 (the third quarter), that’s if the changeover of plant sticks to the schedule. It is possible that the changeover will be less disruptive and faster than it was in the case of F-150 plants, which experienced many weeks of downtime.

Super Duty models that are all from the Kentucky Truck Plant line are the F450, F-250, and F-350 pickup trucks, and the F-550, F-420, and F-350 chassis cabs. All of these account for one third of the major sales of the F Series.

With the building of the new body shop at the Kentucky Truck plant, the production of the Super Duty line can go on until smoothly until the company comes up with better versions of the model. This means Ford won’t have to manage its inventories of Super Duty with much care. With the major investment of $1.3 billion, the CEO of Ford said they will remain committed to building and expanding the Kentucky Truck plant.
In addition, the CEO also said that they will invest $700 million in their Louisville Assembly Plant, which will also build the revamped Escape Crossover model. – See more at:

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