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Just How Dangerous Are Truck Driving Jobs?

Just How Dangerous Are Truck Driving Jobs?

It’s no secret that truck driving isn’t an easy job. Maneuvering on unfamiliar roads and driving alongside the motoring public constantly presents a daily challenge for those who make their living in the freight transportation and delivery industry. But while truck driving may be a hard job, many are surprised to learn that it is also a very dangerous one.

Commercial truck driving remains one of the most dangerous occupations out there. According to statistics gathered by the US Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking accidents accounted for over a quarter of all work-related fatalities last year. This number was actually down from the 761 drivers killed on the road in 2015, and this number was down from 2014.

This pattern shows a slight decline, but the overall number of trucking fatalities has increased by over 10% over the past five years. There are many ideas as to why the job has become more dangerous. Some claim that a reliance on rapid-fire delivery has put drivers in an unsafe work environment. Others believe that the increased number of accidents is simply a natural result of the increased demand for freight transport.

But while these reasons may contribute to the dangerous nature of truck driving jobs, the main reason seems to be that drivers lack the one advantage that people in most other occupations have – a controlled work environment. Worn-down infrastructure, heavy traffic conditions, and bad weather can all make it hard for a truck driver to complete their job safely.

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