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Is Trucking Too Dangerous to Attract New Drivers?

Is Trucking Too Dangerous to Attract New Drivers?

When choosing a career path, people must weigh their options. Before settling into an occupation, it is wise to consider all the pros and cons that come with it.

Truck drivers know the main concerns of the job. Moving freight on America’s roads means long hours away from home in most cases. It also means traveling among hundreds, even thousands of drivers a day where the risk of accidents is always present.

But the threat to truck drivers isn’t always found while their hands on their wheel. The unique work arrangement of truck drivers has also put them in harm’s way off the road.

Criminals prefer to target people who aren’t familiar with their surroundings, and who don’t have a lot of contacts in the immediate area. Unfortunately for truckers, they fit this description. The result has been a concerning trend over the years that sees commercial operators being victimized at higher rates.

In the past several months alone, over half-a-dozen attacks on truckers have been reported. One driver was jumped in a bathroom stall at a rest stop. One instance saw a driver get beaten so bad part of his ear was ripped off, all because his attackers wanted the contents of his wallet – which was $100 dollars.

The problem has gotten so bad it may end up causing some prospective drivers to think twice before committing to this line of work. While some dangers can be mitigated and addressed through the appropriate policies, assaults on truck drivers is another type of problem entirely.

The driver shortage has been a problem for years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It is estimated the problem will get worse over the next five years, meaning the dangers lurking at roadside could dissuade new drivers even further.

There have been protests and even proposals regarding federal legislation to address this problem. As it stands, the issue is one that is a constant thought in the back of the minds of truckers and their families.

When a driver pulls off the road for a break, they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll be safe. Without this, the job is much riskier than it once was.

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