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Is Trucking Driving a “Social” Job?

Is Trucking Driving a “Social” Job?

People skills – they’re some of the most valuable qualifications anyone in the workforce can have. Knowing how to work with the public, management, and co-workers is vital for being successful and getting access to new opportunities.

It is easy for people to assume that the freight industry has little need for socializing. After all, truckers are characterized for their time behind the wheel. Long days in the cab means drivers don’t interact with people as often as workers in other occupations.

This doesn’t mean drivers aren’t personable or that personable people don’t enter trucking. Traveling the country often means seeing new things as well as new faces. Drivers encounter a wide variety of individuals ranging from management to clients to other truckers. Their line of work provides opportunities not found in other occupations.

In that sense, drivers have one of the most varied jobs when it comes to the social aspect. Combine this with the fact that there are different communication platforms and styles of etiquette depending on who is communicating with who, and it is easy to see that trucking has a distinct social appeal.

The term social can also be used to describe networking, or working in a system with other people where one person’s actions affect everyone else within the framework. Trucking fits the bill here as well, as the freight industry is comprised of multiple shippers, receivers, logistics personnel and more.

Knowing how things work and the proper way to talk to others is crucial for success in both the short-term and long-term. A good attitude and the ability to make proper social connections can help drivers get the job done easier. It may also help them find career advancement opportunities in the future.

While truck driving may be seen as an escape from service-industry jobs that see people interact with dozens or even hundreds of customers every week, it still has a very prominent social aspect.

Trucking technology like apps and decentralized communication platforms have made it easier for people in the freight industry to communicate quickly. Sometimes being able to reach out and get answers is the difference between a tough day on the job and an easy one.

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