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Is Truck Driving a Good Job? 3 Pros and Cons

Is Truck Driving a Good Job? 3 Pros and Cons

Truck driving is one of those careers that many look at with curiosity. This non-traditional job leaves many wondering whether or not they should try their hand at it. As with any job, there are plenty of perks and drawbacks to consider. Though trucking may not be for everyone, understanding a few key points can help everyone realize whether trucking is a good job for them. In order to save the best for last, here are a few con and pros of truck driving.

The Cons:
01. Long Hours – While every job has the potential to require workers to pull long hours in order to meet the needs of clients, truck driving is well known for lengthy routes and long days on the road. This can be compounded by the fact that many drivers help to load and unload their own rig. Add in the time it takes to keep the truck clean and well-serviced, and any trucker will be putting in a decent number of hours any way you look at it.

02. Fatigue – Though some people opt to enter the trucking industry based on a desire to escape manual labor jobs or draining office settings, truck driving can wear anyone down. Driving requires a large amount of mental focus and a surprising amount of physical endurance. The occupation is certainly demanding, and is not an easy one by any means.

03. Travel – Winding roads, snow covered mountains, and unfamiliar routes are all things drivers will encounter at one time or another. Though it’s expected that the job comes with travel, each journey is different and possesses its own unique challenges.

The Pros:
01. Job Security – The good news is that if one can handle the long hours and the demanding travel requirements, it is possible to maintain a secure living in this line of work. Companies will always need products to keep customers happy, and truckers make sure that delivers get to their location on time. Those who built some experience in the field can find consistent work as long as they’re willing to go where drivers are needed.

02. Independence – In a traditional work setting, one may have up to a dozen superiors critiquing their performance and telling them how to do their job. In the trucking industry, things are a bit different. Most drivers work with a single company and dispatcher. Some truckers even go the extra mile and enter into business for themselves.

03. Travel – Though travel was listed in the “cons” section as well, this aspect of the job is also very rewarding. Truck drivers get the opportunity to see the world – and get paid for it! The travel aspect of the trucking industry not only allows drivers to see new places, but it allows them to meet new people and network to create beneficial business relationships. While the trucking industry isn’t for everyone, trucking driving can be a good job if one enjoys being able to travel, work independently, and escape the traditional work setting. – See more at:

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