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Is There a Gender-Based Wage Gap in Trucking?

Is There a Gender-Based Wage Gap in Trucking?

The topic of wage gaps in terms of gender has been a controversial one over the years. Many industries have come under fire for supposedly paying women less than men for the same amount of work. But does this problem extend to the industry of freight transport?

The answer is no, according to the Women in Trucking Association. This group has helped to break down barriers and encourage women to enter the trucking field. In trucking, women account for about 7% of drivers and 14% of management. While pay discrepancy is not an issue, there are some other interesting facts about females in trucking.

Women truck drivers are known to have fewer accidents and a lower turnover rate. This is in spite of the fact that women actually travel slightly more miles overall per year than men drivers. “In a historically male-dominated profession, females excel as truck drivers,” said Lauren Domnick, director of analytics & modeling at Omnitracs. “Recognizing this, particularly on International Women’s Day, is vital to ensuring that more women continue to enter the trucking profession and feel acknowledged for their quality of work.”

While the WIT association has made great progress in bringing gender equality into trucking, certain aspects still need work. Nearly half of the publicly traded carriers in the US have no women in their board of directors.

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