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Is The Freight Industry on the Road to New Infrastructure?

Is The Freight Industry on the Road to New Infrastructure?

It’s been well-documented that a lack of quality infrastructure presents challenges for the freight transportation and delivery industry. While the motoring public may express periodic frustrations with the conditions of roads and bridges, commercial truck drivers must deal with these issues on a daily basis. And many carriers have been vocal about how the condition of US infrastructure impedes the development of their business.

Poor infrastructure can cause drivers to risk damage to their vehicles and result in delays. While not a huge problem for the vast majority of casual drivers, these types of delays can pose problems for those who drive for a living and in turn cut into the bottom line of carriers. And since many smaller and medium-sized carriers must manage their resources carefully after a rough year in 2016, the condition of infrastructure is a top priority for many in the field.

But with a new president in office, many hope that US infrastructure will finally receive the upgrades it needs. Since this was one of the subjects discussed in detail during the new president’s campaign, many trucking administrators are hopeful that the $900 billion dollar infrastructure need can be addressed over the next several years.

Though the project will be a large one, it is one that can have a major return-on-investment for the freight industry. And given that freight transport is an industry which directly influences all other sectors of the US economy, a move to improve roads and bridges could have a major lasting positive impact on commerce, production, and general economic activity.

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