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Is a Lack of Resting Areas Hurting the Trucking Industry?

Is a Lack of Resting Areas Hurting the Trucking Industry?

From maintaining their rig properly to keeping an eye out for other drivers on the road, truck drivers have plenty to focus on when it comes to their line of work. But certain issues can make a driver’s job even more stressful than it already is. Namely, not having a safe area to park their vehicle and rest can inconvenience drivers and even put them in harm’s way.

Mandatory rest periods have made proper rest stops more important than ever. But many truckers find themselves on a frantic search for safe parking areas and rest spaces during their trip – and some don’t have the type of luck they’d like in this endeavor.

Being unable to find these types of secure areas can make a driver’s job more difficult than it needs to be. It is estimated by officials that the average OTR driver can spend nearly an hour a day looking for a safe rest area. This can lead to additional expenses and costs which can translate into over $4,000 annually.

The lack of rest areas can also result in more highway congestion and emissions as drivers search for a safe place to stop. Not having the right type of rest areas is very detrimental for truckers, and many officials in the industry are advocating for steps to correct this issue.

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