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International Trucks Shows Off New HV Series Work Truck

International Trucks Shows Off New HV Series Work Truck

Navistar International Corp, the parent company of International Trucks, made waves by unveiling a new work truck. The move will present new options for carriers and help to raise International and Navistar’s presence in the market for vocational vehicles.

The HV series will make history – to date, it is the first service truck that comes with the International A26 12.4-liter engine.

Feedback from various groups including truck manufacturers and a wide variety of customers have helped International Trucks craft the new work vehicle to precise specifications. Denny Mooney, the senior vice president of global development at Navistar spoke about the use of feedback and how it played such a big role in the design.

“We’ve been building vocational trucks for over a century and in the HV Series our engineers have successfully incorporated driver feedback into a severe service truck designed to be easily configurable for any application,” he said.

The company has been extremely busy when it comes to engineering new work vehicles. Their lineup has gone through some major changes over the last year and a half, and the HX Series is an example of this. The series was debuted to provide a replacement for the ProStar, which had been looking a little old when compared to other vehicles in its class and when compared to the current needs of the market.

The RH Series will also replace outdated models, and the LoneStar Class 8 semi goes into production in the coming months.

The new engine has received good reviews, and it provides up to 475 horsepower and 1,700 pound-feet of torque. This makes it fitting for many heavy-duty vocational needs, giving companies in this sector a new option that offers more durability and longevity.

Navistar’s CEO has said the A26 has seen 3,000 orders so far, and it is likely that more will come soon. The selection of new vehicles offered by International Trucks and Navistar provide improved interior comfort, and even simple improvements like a windshield designed for better visibility.

The truck market is always a busy one, with new models being released every year. These new offerings will leave commercial, industrial, and vocational customers happy.

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