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International Trucks Launches Over-The-Air Programming Technology

International Trucks Launches Over-The-Air Programming Technology

Navistar has established its name globally as a holding company whose subsidiaries are producing branded military and commercial trucks, IC Buses™, school and commercial buses and propriety diesel engines. But that is not all that the brand has associated itself with; many of its affiliates also provide financial services and manufacturing and designing of the truck engine parts.

Despite the fact that the company is already doing exceptionally well with all its brand and affiliates, it is still eager to do more. This time around, one of its affiliates, International Trucks, has recently introduced its latest on-the-air (OTA) programming technology that is all set to take over the trucking industry.

International Trucks claims that all those trucks running on N13, N10 and N9 proprietary engines can avail OTA reprogramming for engine control modules (ECM) without paying any additional charges. Furthermore, the company plans to make OTA available for purchase to all international truck models that are powered by either proprietary trucks or are models of 2010 or newer.

Bill Kozek, the president of Navistar Trucks and Parts, stated, “With this important step, over-the-air reprogramming is becoming a reality for truck operators.” He further added, “This first-in-the-industry innovation will allow truck users to update their engine control modules with unprecedented ease and convenience, delivering improved uptime and other benefits over a safe, secure Wi-Fi connection.”

Over-the-air reprogramming allows the fleet managers and drivers to make use of a mobile interface to launch reprogramming in order to improve and encourage international calibrations. This can easily be accomplished at the customer’s facility via a Wi-Fi connection.

Speaking about its advantages and future prospects, Kozek in his concluding remarks told the media that soon this new technology will change the way we see the trucking industry today, and that too, he added, is just the beginning.

“Over-the-air reprogramming revolutionizes the way trucks are serviced and lays the groundwork for a future of connected vehicle services and the trucking community as a whole,” added Kozek. “This two-way connected vehicle technology enables organizations to take communication a step further, allowing eligible users to pull the data from the truck, analyze the data, and communicate back to the vehicle.”

Surely, this new technological advancement in the trucking industry will improve communications between fleets and truck drivers which has remained a problem for decades. With such remarkable achievement, there is no doubt that Navistar still has a lot to offer in the coming years.
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