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International Truck Steals the Show With the HX Series

International Truck Steals the Show With the HX Series

The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis had all the big truck companies participating and introducing new products. International Trucks is a juggernaut of the industry and every trucker knows how great their trucks are. Thus when they announced the new HX Series of truck, they managed to generate more buzz than anyone else. The best part is that the HX series wasn’t even the only announcement by International Trucks; it was one of the three major announcements they made. They announced the new series, announced that they are working with Cummins, and also announced that Bendix Wingman Fusion will be available in selected models.

The HX series managed to wow the spectators with its sleek looks. The looks, surprisingly, aren’t just for looking good; the structural engineers at International Trucks have worked hard to make the exterior tougher. The new cuts and curves actually change the way the HX series takes stress. The bonded and riveted lap seams all over the truck are all for the increase in strength. Even the Melton Hood has been designed specially to be even stronger than a fiber glass hood. The truck looks as strong as it is tough; it will surely be dominating any road it is on with its presence.

The Cummins’ ISL9 engine is loved by truckers and they were dismayed to know that the engine wouldn’t be available with the DuraStar and WorkStar models. This is exactly what they announced; that customers will now have more choices when buying the truck thanks to the engine being available for the aforementioned models. The engine has a high rating of 380 horsepower plus an impressive capability of 1,250 lb/ft of torque. It even has adjustable torque and horsepower ratings to maximize efficiency in all conditions.

The Bendix Wingman Fusion coming to the DuraStar model is also great news. Anything that reduces the risk of collisions is always a good thing to have and the Bendix Wingman Fusion does exactly this. The collision mitigation system uses technologies like radar, cameras, the braking system, and Bendix’s proprietary SafetyDirect system to manage the truck’s brake system if needed. Production will begin in June of models with the collision mitigation system. All these announcements confirmed that International Trucks is aiming to expand its dominance over the trucking industry. The announcements showed betterment in design, vehicle strength, safety, and engines. – See more at:

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