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Inmates Graduate Truck Driving Training Program

Inmates Graduate Truck Driving Training Program

One of the prevailing trends of America’s correctional system has been an emphasis on reintegration. By helping inmates reenter society in the proper manner, correctional facilities reduce the chances that these individuals will become repeat offenders. It has been discovered that one of the most effective ways to reintegrate an inmate into society is to give them solid job skills. The ability to make money in a legitimate and safe manner can help anyone further their life in a positive manner.

Recently 17 inmates from the Morrison Correctional Institution graduated a commercial driver’s license program. The program began with 24 participants and took place in the center’s minimum school library. Instructor Anthony Lynn commended the young men for staying the course throughout the program. This program, which was the first of its kind at the prison, is being viewed as a resounding success.

Students received training utilizing a realistic truck driving simulator. The device gave the students experience with a number of hazards that they are likely to experience on the road. These include everything from blinding snow to icy nighttime roads. The program also included plenty of reading and videos to help familiarize students with the fundamentals of trucking.

The simulator itself is designed to make the training feel as authentic as possible. Users will feel the effects if they run over a curb or strike an obstacle in the simulation. In addition to providing these individuals with thorough job training, the state has also done additional work to help ex-felons find work.

A list of trucking companies that hire former inmates has been compiled, making it easy for those who are reintegrating into society to find work in a timely manner. By helping these individuals to get started off in a career field, the institution has given many inmates an advantage they would’ve otherwise missed out on.

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