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Infamous 2013 Restart Rule is No More

Infamous 2013 Restart Rule is No More

A well-known provision in the trucking industry that drew concerns from carriers appears to be null and void. The 34-hour restart provision which required two consecutive overnight periods (and could only be used once a week) has been rescinded.

The withdrawal of the provision occurred shortly after the Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General sent a letter to the DOT and Congress discussing the results of a study in 2013. The study pointed out that the use of the provision was not shown to have an overall benefit on reducing accidents related to driver fatigue.

Passed on July 1st, 2013, the provision required two consecutive overnight periods between 1AM and 5AM. The restart provision was only allowed once per week under this rule. With this provision gone, the previously existing rule becomes the standard. This one does not require two consecutive overnight periods and also allows unlimited use of the restart.

The FMCSA’s report was sent to Congress, detailing their final conclusions. The report states that a conclusive benefit of the restart rule was not evident. Because the revised rule did not establish its goals and generate the outcomes expected, the rule has been effectively abandoned.

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