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Independent Truck Drivers

Independent Truck Drivers

Being an independent driver or owner-operator as it is often called, can be one of the most lucrative work arrangements a person can ask for. While the trucking industry is known for the sense of freedom and versatility it provides when compared to traditional work arrangements, some drivers take their commitment to independence as a worker a bit further. These drivers choose to leave their traditional trucking company and work for themselves. Making your own schedule and taking the jobs you want seems like a great idea – but why don’t all truckers start out on this path immediately?

While truckers do enjoy a sense of independence, not all of them are completely free from at least some form of corporate hierarchy. Thankfully, the trucking companies that most drivers work for consist of only a few managers and dispatchers that drivers must answer to. These companies may be a bit more stringent and require drivers to adhere to certain practices, but it is for good reason. These trucking companies cover many of the startup costs associated with trucking. In addition to providing vehicles and supplies, they can also give drivers valuable access to consistent work and help them manage the preliminary requirements of the job.

Trucking school can be a great way to learn the ins and outs of the profession while making sure your CDL exam goes smoothly. But the costs of these training courses can add up quickly, and aspiring truckers may not be willing to take out loans to finance such an endeavor. Most trucking schools are associated with a company, and they can finance these training courses for students who agree to work for them after they’re licensed. This can help drivers get the experience, credentials, and connections they need to make independent driving possible as a long-term endeavor.

Working for yourself can be great, but every truck driver needs to have clients willing to work with them. Even as an owner-operator, a trucker needs to make sure they can get consistent work. Learning how routes work and finding clients willing to work with you is much easier when you start out working for a trucking company. Becoming independent is a step best left for later in one’s career after they have become accustomed to the industry and handled startup costs by working with an established trucking company.

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