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Incoming ATA Chairman Speaks About Infrastructure

Incoming ATA Chairman Speaks About Infrastructure

In a recent discussion held by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Subcommittee on Highways and Transit, discussion was held concerning the importance of infrastructure in the commercial trucking industry. Among those present were committee chairman Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., as well as incoming American Trucking Associations chairman Kevin Burch.

Burch, the current president of Jet Express in Dayton, Ohio, commented on how proper infrastructure is important to trucking companies. He said: “Having good, uncongested highways is important to my company and to trucking companies across the country.” Burch praised the implementation of dedicated funding for freight projects. This measure came about due in large part to last year’s FAST Act.

A five-mile section of Interstate 75 in Dayton has already boosted safety for truck drivers and the motoring public they travel around. Burch noted that improved infrastructure can also help to create safer road conditions. He stated that a third of all crashes are due to outdated and subpar road design.

Burch also talked about things like the upcoming ELD mandate and trucker parking during this discussion. Burch had a positive view of the discussion, saying: “It is good for ATA to be at the table for these important discussions. I want to thank Chairman Graves and the rest of the committee, not only for their bipartisan effort to pass the FAST Act but for inviting ATA to this roundtable about the law’s implementation and for the opportunity to keep the dialogue about these important issues moving forward.”

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