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In Face of Enhanced Demand UPS, FedEx, Rent Moving Trucks

In Face of Enhanced Demand UPS, FedEx, Rent Moving Trucks

The recent increase in online shopping, nationwide, has resulted in an enhanced demand for shipping and delivery trucks, and companies like FedEx and UPS are feeling the pressure to meet the demand head on. Recently, American population indulged in online shopping for buying their holiday presents and these purchases skyrocket the demands of moving trucks. People all over the country have witnessed UPS making deliveries in rented trucks, because the existing fleet owned by the company is unable to fulfill the freight demands.

This fact is not hidden from the citizens, and several locals have reported seeing rented trucks making official deliveries of FedEx and UPS. Dan Cardillo, spokesperson of UPS said, “UPS uses rental vehicles in some areas of the country to handle the additional package volume this time of year. However, the majority of customers will see the familiar brown truck when their UPS driver comes to their door.”

However, the rented trucks created a lot of confusion because the customers were not aware of the modified freight plans of the moving companies.

One of the residents of West Seattle called the police after witnessing an unknown Budget rental truck in her neighborhood, which stopped at one of the homes on her lane. According to the statement released by the Seattle Police Department, the truck was driven by a UPS designated driver and was making routine deliveries. People also commented, on the unusual change of delivery protocol, on social media websites such as Twitter, where one of the users SudsyMaggie (@SudsyMaggie) tweeted, “Spotted a UPS-rented budget truck on First Hill this week. Took a picture it was so unusual! ”

UPS is not the only delivery company which is experiencing the cusp of increased demand. FedEx joined the ranks of moving enterprises renting delivery trucks. According to the spokesperson Rae Lyn, this is not a new occurrence and when the need arises, FedEx is notorious for using rented moving trucks. Lyn further said, “As online shopping continues to grow, so do the number of packages moving through our global network.”

Most of the budget moving trucks acquired by FedEx belong to Avis Budget Group, the provider of vehicles for local services and enterprises.

The spokesperson for Avis Budget explained the increasing demand for rented trucks by saying, “Many companies that provide local delivery service experience a spike in deliveries during the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. From florists and caterers to those delivering items purchased online, and even major delivery companies.”

Although Avis Budget refused to state how many trucks each company rented, protecting their identity and privacy, it can be assumed, that by the frequency of rented trucks on the road, the numbers are quite high. On the other hand, UPS has added at least 125 mini vans to its fleet due to the predicted increase of 10-11% in business in the coming season. The rising demand is vastly due to the increase in online orders.

According to the spokesperson of UPS, Puget Sound region, Ernie Swanson, they are getting a lot of business from Amazon and to keep up with the enhanced demand, they are also hiring part time employees. – See more at:

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