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Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Analyzed by Researchers

Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Analyzed by Researchers

Throughout 2016, many factors have influenced trucking. But few new developments promise to have the type of long-term impact that autonomous vehicles do.

Driverless technology has always been discussed within the field, and recent technological developments have helped bring this option from the realm of science fiction to US roadways. With transportation companies like Uber merging with self-driving tech company Otto and other prominent names like Tesla and Mercedes Benz also working diligently on driverless technology, it’s clear that the influence of this trend will continue to be felt across the trucking industry.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released a report noting the current and possible future impacts of this technology including how safety and productivity could be impacted. This type of pertinent research was made a top priority by ATI’s Research Advisory Committee earlier this year.

An example of the research and its scope can be observed in data detailing how drivers can maintain a profitable operation compared to driverless vehicles while contending with the upcoming ELD mandate. The report also notes certain factors which are impeding the autonomous trucking trend including less-than-optimal infrastructure.

ATA CEO and President Chris Spear said: “ATRI’s research underscores how critical it is that the trucking industry have a seat at the table as autonomous vehicle issues are debated. These impacts will be real and have significant consequences for the entire supply chain if they are not deliberately and thoughtfully approached with input from all stakeholders.  Now is the time to make sure that autonomous vehicle technology is a win-win for the economy.

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