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Hurricane Matthew: How Freight Transport Will Aid the Recovery

Hurricane Matthew: How Freight Transport Will Aid the Recovery

Though Hurricane Matthew now holds a place in the history books, it wasn’t long ago that this tropical storm turned category 5 hurricane wreaked havoc on the southeastern portion of the United States. Areas in or in close proximity to Matthew’s path were devastated, with both public and private infrastructure sustaining damage and life as normal coming to a stop for a period of time.

This is the first storm of this magnitude in several years. Though the storm season always has individuals in typically affected areas on edge, nothing can quite prepare a person for the kind of destruction this type of storm causes. After the initial danger has dissipated, there are still lingering effects which must be managed. This is where the trucking industry comes in.

Relief and rebuilding efforts after large storms require a large amount of supplies. This can include building materials to repair damaged infrastructure and property to emergency equipment to help those individuals affected by the storm. Both public and private relief efforts will likely be used in combination to help speed up the recovery process.

Though nothing can undo the damage of this deadly storm, truckers can help to fuel the relief efforts just as they help fuel commerce as normal in the US. As additional demand develops for recovery supplies, the freight transportation and delivery industry will be there to help ensure that those helping out have what they need to get the job done.

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