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How Would Truckers Perform in eSports?

How Would Truckers Perform in eSports?

When it comes to sports, there’s a fierce debate among fundamentalists and progressive minds. While some view the concept of sports as relating solely to athletic events and physical competitions, the field for athletes is growing.

Many truck drivers follow sports and use their spare time on the road to see events. Sports are also a popular pastime that drivers use to get exercise on their off time, as their job requires them to be stationary most of the time.

Just as technology has changed the game for truck drivers, it has also brought about new types of sports. Competitive video games, online poker, and many other pastimes see people testing their skills against one another via an electronic medium.

The debate raged fiercely about whether or not these athletes fit the true definition of the word. However, a study by German scientists has shed some more light on the question and helped bring about a fitting conclusion.

It turns out, athletes in “eSports” face the same strains as athletes in traditional sports. Physical and mental strain are still a factor, and almost all the contests in the world of eSports require complex strategizing and high levels of concentration.

With this newfound information, it raises the question about how truck drivers would perform in these types of sports. For drivers, concentration and focus are a daily part of the job. Given that they’re used to dealing with physical and mental strain on the job, drivers may rank highly or at least have the potential to do so.

Truck driving competitions are common in the industry, and some carriers even use electronic equipment to help drivers train. Virtual simulations, even using virtual reality equipment, have become more common for new hires. Carriers are seeing the benefits in providing simulated training before they turn drivers loose on the roads.

So not only are drivers required to maintain constant focus on the job, but they also use electronic equipment in some training situations. As It pertains to eSports, skilled truck drivers would likely have the ability to rank highly should they apply their skills in a similar manner.

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