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How Valuable Are Endorsements for Truck Drivers?

How Valuable Are Endorsements for Truck Drivers?

Every truck driver who looks to land a job in the freight industry knows that the hiring market can be competitive. In spite of complaints about some of the demands of the job, truck driving remains the most popular occupation in a majority of US states. And with a new year in full effect (and trucking demand predicted to grow) some drivers are wondering if they should further their training to seek newer positions.

Given the fact that they do require more education, trucking positions that require endorsements sometimes offer higher pay than regular truck driving jobs. And while hauling hazardous materials or double-trailers can offer drivers more money, many wonder whether or not the upgraded pay is worth the investment in additional training.

For example, a truck driver in Texas may make around $40,000 a year on average according to the Department of Labor. But hiring sites like Indeed note that CDL Hazmat drivers in Texas can earn around $60,000. This noticeable may increase is something drivers look for, but positions like these are also less common than standard truck driving positions.

Drivers usually don’t want to invest in additional education unless they are sure it will translate into a better-paying job. With more truck driving jobs predicted to emerge throughout the course of 2017, looking to gain endorsements may help drivers progress their careers. As these positions become more plentiful, trucking schools may also start to offer more options for endorsement training.

Some trucking schools already keep materials on hand such as practice tests and study materials for endorsement exams. If a driver can access these materials at their school at no extra cost, it may be worth investing in. 2017 may be a year when endorsement-based positions become more common (and more lucrative) in the industry.

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