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How to Nail a Trucking Job Interview

How to Nail a Trucking Job Interview

The job search is tough enough, what with the hundreds of pages of ads, dozens of people to contact, and countless things to have ready should you get the call.

Getting a CDL trucking job can be an exciting experience, but at least one interview is usually conducted during a normal hiring process. Interviews may vary from company to company, but many drivers find themselves apprehensive when it comes time to discuss a potential deal.

A lot of the nerves come from a good source. No one wants to make a mistake that could cost them a job, especially if it’s a job they feel they’re a good fit for. There are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to interview processes, and while trucking is a little different than most other industries, these principles still apply.

The first way to nail a trucking job interview is to know what the hiring manager is looking for. Beyond the requirements of the job, think more basic – the company is looking for someone who can generate value. This means a person with an interview must show they take the situation seriously. A pair of khaki’s and a button-down shirt will provide the business casual look of a professional without leading to overdressing.

The timeframe is important to. Arriving too early for an interview is a big negative in many cases, but in trucking this isn’t always the case. Earlier arrivals in the freight industry are a good thing. Just make sure to be at least ten minutes early. If the person or persons conducting the interview have a cancellation, you may be able to get in sooner.

The final step is one of the hardest of all – be relaxed. Most trucking companies don’t bring someone in for an interview unless they’re impressed with that person’s application and credentials. Stay composed and answer questions honestly, and don’t try to overthink things during the interview process.

Carriers want drivers who can create value. This means honesty, the ability to stay cool under pressure, a willingness to do business are all good qualities to have on the road and in an interview.

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