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How To Become A Truck Driver

How To Become A Truck Driver

Have you ever thought about becoming a trucker? Many people tire of the tedium found in the cubicle or the physically-demanding nature of manual labor jobs. It’s not uncommon to look at trucking and think of it as a great alternative to traditional occupations. But while trucking does have its perks, there are several key steps one must take before they’re ready to climb behind the wheel and begin making money. While the process can be complicated, those who are wondering how to become a truck driver will need to follow these important steps.

Understand What the Job is Like

Before you set out on your journey to become a truck driver, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. While truck driving does allow one to escape the traditional work environment and see the world, it can be a very demanding occupation. Long hours on the road means fatigue, frustration, and missing out on time with loved ones. There’s nothing worse than settling into a new job you’ve been preparing for only to find that it isn’t for you. You can also read trucker reports to find out more about what life as a trucker is like.

Complete Truck Driving School

Once you’ve done the research and decided that you’re ready to break into the industry, the next step is to enroll in truck driving school. The type of school you choose is important, and trucker reports can provide valuable information about the best (and most affordable) options near you. In trucking school, you’ll learn everything from rig maintenance to driving techniques.

Get Your CDL

The next step in the process of becoming a truck driver is to get your CDL. Licensing is a very important aspect of the process, and while some may opt to skip trucking school and take their CDL exam at the local DMV, this is not recommended as it makes it more difficult to find work. Finding a company- or school-sponsored CDL exam can prove much more valuable in the long-run in terms of both cost and efficiency. Plenty of online practice materials are available and can be used to help you prepare for the exam.

Prove You’re Trustworthy

Even if you have a license, a trucking company need to know that they can trust you before they put you behind the wheel of one of their rigs and send you to make an important delivery. Having a good driving record, quality references, and any type of prior experience in a driving-based field can all boost your chances of landing work with a good company.

Work with a Trainer

So you passed trucking school, got your license, and now you’re ready to climb into the cab of a truck! However, most drivers start out in the passenger’s seat. Most companies will set you up to work with a more experienced driver. Though you may start out loading and unloading the rig, you’ll likely be able to drive within a few weeks under your partner’s supervision. This makes the trip much easier and ensures that you acclimate to the new line of work much quicker.

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