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How Tech Acceptance Could Change Trucking’s Priorities

How Tech Acceptance Could Change Trucking’s Priorities

The freight industry is all about prioritizing jobs and going with the best option. In trucking, drivers and administrators have a stiff demand to meet and a limited amount of resources to do it with.

Carriers have always had to pick their battles carefully, and choosing the wrong option can lead to big financial losses. But this phenomenon will go beyond simply servicing clients and making routes – as industry changes begin coming quicker, carriers may have to make room to adapt.

Whether it’s a potential game-changer like Tesla’s new electric semi-truck or the adoption of self-driving vehicles in certain amounts, trucking companies will have plenty of new technologies to use in their business within the next decade. Which ones are a safe bet, and which ones are risky?

The data will be the determining factor in this debate, as it always is in an industry focused on the numbers. But until carriers can find out just how quickly they should adopt new techs and in what amount, it remains to be seen whether their current expenses will be cut.

In some ways, cutting losses could be a good thing. Ditching emission-heavy engines for more eco-friendly options is a good example of how trucking can prioritize better techs over older ones.

But the idea of carriers cutting costs often raises concerns about how it will affect their workers. In recent years, many trucking companies have launched initiatives to onboard more drivers. Growing economic demand and changes in the freight industry have pushed many drivers away. Some companies have offered better pay, improved benefits, and even a company stock plan to help reverse the shortage.

With this problem expected to grow worse in the coming years, it is easy to wonder whether carriers will abandon their efforts if they prove to be unsuccessful. This is especially true given that autonomous vehicles could solve the problem for them when the technology becomes a bit more refined.

A willingness to adopt new technologies may mean that trucking companies will abandon some of their other efforts. While it won’t mean the disbandment of human rosters or a complete switch from one type of truck to another overnight, the question of priorities is a big one as the industry speeds towards change.

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