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How Rising Expenses Can Affect Trucking Jobs

How Rising Expenses Can Affect Trucking Jobs

Labor is the most vital aspect of any trucking company. But like fuel, maintenance, and compliance, this aspect comes at a cost. While trucker pay is somewhat of a controversial topic, many wonder whether or not the other expenses carriers deal with can affect how easy it is for them to onboard new talent.

No carrier can make money without responsible drivers who can handle the demands of the competitive and busy freight industry. But sometimes a rise in expenses can stunt hiring activity or even result in drivers getting laid off. For example, a surge in fuel prices during 2008 had an effect on some smaller carriers’ ability to hire new drivers. This made it harder for them to compete with larger companies.

Likewise, some regulations can make it more expensive for carriers to hire drivers. Especially at small-to-medium sized companies, this can limit the amount of positions available and even result in fewer hours for those who are currently employed.

But expenses are something that carriers know how to manage. While the economy can sometimes put trucking in a tough spot, this doesn’t mean that US CDL jobs will be decreasing any time soon. A rough 2016 caused many to get frustrated with their job search, but 2017 is expected to bring the type of industry conditions that will be good for job seekers.

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