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How One Trucker Helped End a Low-Speed Chase

How One Trucker Helped End a Low-Speed Chase

Truck drivers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to their job. But sometimes, they go above and beyond when it comes to lending their services on the road.

Though the size and weight of commercial vehicles is sometimes thought of as a hazard to the motoring public, there are some instances where it can come in handy. While most police officers don’t recommend that citizens get involved in matters involving law enforcement, one truck driver recently used his vehicle to help end what could have been a major pursuit on one of America’s busiest highways.

A Montgomery County woman is currently in jail after she is alleged to have led police on a low-speed chase on I-78. Pamela A. Moritz of Bridgeport was charged with eluding and fleeing Pennsylvania State Police as well as a handful of traffic offences.

When the women was stopped on Saturday near the Williams Township, police discovered she had an outstanding warrant for criminal trespass. The driver reportedly refused to roll down her window or pull into a parking lot as requested.

The driver informed police she did not agree with the arrest warrant and did not consent to the proceedings. She then turned around in the Turkey Hill parking lot and headed West on I-78.

After a 40mph chase that lasted roughly a mile, the driver was forced onto the median thanks to help from a tractor trailer. Police took the women into custody, and a district judge arraigned the woman, setting bail at $25,000. There is a 10 percent cash option if approved by county pre-trail officials.

This isn’t the only story about the busy and bustling I-78 involving truck drivers. In an unrelated incident, a New Jersey man was hospitalized after crashing his tractor trailer. The crash occurred when the rig veered off the road and jackknifed on a tree.

The crash resulted in westbound lanes being closed down for over five hours. Interstate highways in the US are obviously more likely to have noteworthy incidents than smaller, less-busy roadways. For truck drivers, the chance they’ll be involved in one of these instances is always present.

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