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How Much Has Hiring Picked Up in Trucking?

How Much Has Hiring Picked Up in Trucking?

It was predicted last year that the trucking industry would see a steady increase in demand in the near future. Analysts were curious about how much the added business in the freight industry would spur the growth of rosters.

Carriers of all sizes had felt the effects of the driver shortage last year. And with economic conditions making things look temporarily bleak for the field, few trucking companies were eager to onboard more employees.

Not only have hiring numbers gone up to match new demand, but the spike in total jobs added was the strongest last month than it had been in half a decade. With 10,600 new positions added last month, carriers across the country have issued a statement about their confidence in the industries output for the foreseeable future.

It was reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that strong growth in manufacturing and construction helped usher in 95,000 new jobs last month from private companies. The increase in trucking job comes off the heels of a 5,100 job decrease in the month of January.

As the overall unemployment rate in the country dropped last month, more positions were added in the transportation industry. This includes a number of positions related to logistics. Even the largest carrier in North America, Swift Transportation, has reported that an expected increase in demand throughout the end of the year will require carriers to address the driver shortage.

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