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How Effective Are Driving Simulators for Trucking Students?

How Effective Are Driving Simulators for Trucking Students?

Driving a commercial truck takes a lot of training and skill. Drivers have a lot of responsibility in their line of work, and even the slightest misstep during the trip can be disastrous.

One of the biggest issues with truckers in the training stage is that being on the road, even to learn, can present the dangers brought up by safety administrators and the motoring public. It is a bit of a paradox, since drivers need hands-on training to become skilled. However, driving without these skills is a part of the training process – and this can present certain hazards.

There are several ways trucking companies have worked to ensure drivers are trained properly and never left alone on the road without the skills they need. Many trucking schools have their own private training courses. These isolated areas are set up to look like actual roadways and present drivers with all the challenges they’ll encounter on the job. This solution makes training possible in a contained environment.

Another strategy carriers use is to put drivers on the road alongside a licensed trucking veteran. A driver with a knowledgeable co-pilot can stay safe during their trip, and will never be forced to deal with unfamiliar situations without professional oversight.

Modern technology has presented yet another opportunity to help aspiring freight drivers learn the basics of life inside the cab. Trucking simulators are a newer solution to the issue of trucker training, though their popularity is increasing substantially.

A simulator will be installed at the STC Airport Campus in the fall. This type of community-based education will give drivers at the Schuylkill Technology Center’s CDL training program will get to use this simulator, allowing the classroom to be used for more than just standard coursework.

Of course, trucking simulators don’t present the exact same hazards of the road. However, the technology makes it possible for drivers to get familiar with the cab early on, and to help them get an idea of how things will be when they start their real on-the-road training.

Truckers need the best solutions for their training. Driving simulators are a unique but effective tool for helping newcomers get acclimated with the basics of the road.

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