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How Connectivity and Mobile Technology Affect Trucking

How Connectivity and Mobile Technology Affect Trucking

The freight transportation industry has always been one where good communication is of the utmost importance. Drivers being able to communicate effectively allows them to stay safe and perform their job more efficiently. Mobile and networking-based technology has played a major role in making driving a more connected industry.

From technology designed to maintain regulatory compliance through electronic means to decentralized platforms made to connect shippers and receivers, technology of this kind has had a major effect on the way business is conducted in the transportation field. Even areas of the transportation industry not connected to freight have seen technological improvements of this kind over the years. Given the importance of logistics in the freight industry, it is easy to see the value in this technology.

While some people have worried that a move toward more tech-based trucks makes the industry vulnerable to hackers and data-thieves, these types of problems are already being addressed. Even something as simple as an app designed to help drivers locate rest stops exemplifies the way connectivity has aided drivers. Many companies and developers are working on new tech tools to help the trucking industry in the future.

A greater degree of connectivity may change the way the trucking industry functions, helping the fragmented market recover from rough periods.

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