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How Can Truckers Stay Safe on the Road?

How Can Truckers Stay Safe on the Road?

When most people think of the dangers truck drivers face, a few things come to mind. Panicky drivers sharing the road, rough weather conditions, and even health issues related to the largely sedentary work-arrangement are all things truckers must contend with. However, sometimes the biggest threat to truckers comes in the form of other people.

Drivers are often easy targets for criminals. Because they usually find themselves braving unfamiliar territory as part of the job (and because many do so alone), drivers are can be at greater risk for being attacked and robbed.

There are a few ways truckers can protect themselves. One of the best methods is through preventive action. This involves minimizing the opportunities criminals have to victimize drivers. By traveling in well-lit areas and communicating with others often, drivers can sometimes decrease their chances of being targeted.

However, despite the best efforts of drivers and safety advocates in the field, it is not always easy to thwart criminals. In the event a driver does find themselves being targeted, tactics like self-defense are always good to know. Simple skills like this can come in handy as they may allow a driver to get away so they can call for help.

The use of weapons for self-defense is also very effective, as things like tasers and pepper spray are commonly carried by drivers across the country. Trucker Lives Matter, a group dedicated to the safety of truck drivers from attackers, has even worked to make it easier for drivers to carry firearms for self-defense.

Trucking is a dangerous line of work, and made even more dangerous because of those who choose to target America’s drivers. However, with the right strategy, it is possible to minimize the chance of being harmed or taken advantage of by criminals.

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