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How Can Toll Passes Help Carriers?

How Can Toll Passes Help Carriers?

Bestpass was recently renewed as Featured Product provider for the American Trucking Associations. Bestpass processes over $1.4 million in tolls per day and has over 3,700 customers across the US and Canada. With nearly 300,000 transponders, the company processed more than $450 million in total toll volumes last year.

This type of pass (and others designed similar to it) can be very useful for carriers and drivers who often find themselves looking to cut costs and streamline their travels more efficiently. Not only can these types of passes help bring down the overall costs associated with multiple trips on toll roads, they can allow drivers to speed up their journey significantly.

Many of these services also handle things like consolidated billing for large fleets, violation processing, and other common needs associated with tolling. While some passes only work with certain roads, others are designed to function on all major toll roads in the US.

Toll passes are the type of tool which can make a trucking job more alluring to drivers, and they can also help companies cut costs even when expanding their fleets. Toll passes are great for carriers of all types and sizes.

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