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How Bad Can a Truck Accident Mess Up Your Car?

How Bad Can a Truck Accident Mess Up Your Car?

Truck accidents are on the rise. Truck drivers drive for long hours, making it difficult for them to stay focused on the road. However, the reason why a truck crashes is not as important as the impact it leaves behind. In addition to medical bills, you could have tens of thousands of dollars in repair fees. Learn about the extent of damages that are caused when large commercial trucks collide with much smaller cars.


Windshield and Front Section

An 18-wheeler truck traveling at a high speed could collide with a car and crush its whole front section. The force could crush the windshield and force it inward, causing pieces of glass and debris to fly throughout the car. The bumper, grille and windshield would be demolished and need replacements.




A large truck causes a rollover by hitting a car too hard on the side. Nearly half of rollovers are caused when traveling at high speeds. The rollover damages every side of the car as it hits the ground, and the interior is damaged by shattered glass and debris.



A car that has been hit by a truck and catches fire is likely to explode. If the truck hits the gas tank directly, the explosion occurs immediately. If the car is already on fire, the fire could spread and reach the gas tank, causing an explosion. The car is left severely burned from the inside and out and declared irreparable.

Some explosions result from collisions with gas tanker trucks. A large gas tanker that collides with another car will create a massive explosion. In some cases, the fire spreads for hundreds of feet and burns every vehicle in its path.


Totaled Status

A car is totaled when the insurance company declares it as damaged beyond repair. The repairs are not covered under your policy, and you must replace the vehicle altogether. The damaged vehicle is demolished or sold for parts.


Car Repairs


It’s important to know the average repair costs for common car damages. Repairing a damaged chassis varies from $1,000 to $5,000. Replacing a windshield costs from $200 to $1,000.


Truck accidents are not typical road accidents that involve the same-sized cars. Drivers are less likely to survive in collisions with big trucks than regular cars. Their injuries are more severe, and in many accidents, their cars become totaled. Protect yourself as you drive alongside trucks and know how to handle an encounter on the road.

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