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How Are Carriers Bringing in New Talent?

How Are Carriers Bringing in New Talent?

Bringing in new drivers is important for trucking companies in the long-term. Not only have the turnover rates for current drivers increased over the past several years, many veteran drivers have also been retiring. The resulting gap has been one that trucking companies have struggled to fill for years.

As many technological upgrades are being made in the trucking industry, hiring practices are being changed as well. Tech isn’t just for self-driving kits, ELDs, and decentralized trucking marketplaces. Hiring efforts have also been impacted by the digital age. New methods have been helping carriers improve their ability to discover and bring in new talent.

A 2017 study by employee background checking organization HireRight compared the methods carriers are using to help boost their recruitment efforts and grow their rosters. The 2017 Transportation Spotlight report shows that referrals are still at the top of the recruiting hierarchy, serving as a major source for bringing in new drivers.

Of all the companies surveyed, 84 percent used referrals. This indicates carriers are more comfortable hiring drivers who have a good reputation and good references within the industry. Coming in close behind is the corporate website, a popular starting point for truckers seeking employment with major carriers. 63 percent of companies use their corporate website to help with the hiring process.

Online job boards have also grown in popularity over the years, now used by over half of all trucking companies. This also includes trucking-specific boards, which are designed to allow drivers to filter results by area, hours, and required endorsements.

Carriers have also started reaching out to previous employees and even previous applicants, with about 44 percent of all trucking companies filling existing positions in this manner.

34 percent of trucking companies now offer sign-on bonuses, and 33 percent use job fairs to help scout for new talent. Trucking school is still a popular choice for new drivers seeking recruitment, with 22 percent of all companies getting drivers from associated trucking schools. Nearly the same amount rely on outside recruiters, and 7 percent go as far as colleges to recruit new drivers.

The world of digital communications is changing every industry, and it is having a major impact on the way trucking companies handle the hiring process.  

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