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Hours-of-Service Violation Rates Show a Decline

Hours-of-Service Violation Rates Show a Decline

Violations of the hours-of-service rule have declined in 2016 according to a recent report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The data shows a 13.7 percent decline from 2016.

While this number was welcomed by many safety administrators and regulators, not all data was positive. False reports and false logs increased by 9.6 percent. Though this number was up from 2015, it was still lower than the two years prior.

The data is available on the FMCSA’s Analysis & Information Online website. Both national and state data can be found. These numbers, however, only reflect those violations which were found by roadside inspectors. This means more violations may be occurring now and that the current numbers may not be completely accurate.

Major violations jumped two years ago right after new rules were implemented. This could have been due to the adjustment period, as the numbers declined afterwards. Small errors showed an increase over the past several years. This includes things like incorrect logbook abbreviations and other miniscule mistakes, but large violations have shown a steady decline in 2016.

The implementation of new regulations could have something to do with the decline, though this is speculative. As employment picks back up and demand increases in 2017, more data will be gathered to determine whether or not these trends continue.

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