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Honeywell International and Omnitracs Launch ELD Software

Honeywell International and Omnitracs Launch ELD Software

Industrial firm Honeywell International Inc. and U.S. fleet services organizations Omnitracs recently announced the launch of a new software to help truckers comply with an upcoming federal regulation.

The companies’ new software will be made available for large less-than-truckload firms. They’ll be able to access it on a handled device from Honeywell that is about the size of a standard smartphone. The device uses similar software to Android devices, and many large operators are expected to make use of the new option.

The electronic logging device mandate is widely believed to be the most sweeping change for trucking in a long time. Not since the deregulation of the 1980s has the industry been poised for such a massive change.

Accusations have long been levied at the industry, with safety experts claiming some drivers will inaccurately report their hours to boost productivity. Those in favor of the mandate claim it will cut down on hours-of-service violations and thus reduce fatigue-related accidents.

The complex nature of the software from Honeywell-Omnitracs is designed to aid those firms that already have electronic logging systems set up in preparation for the mandate. The system will combine a few common solutions drivers use on the road.

The system will combine Omnitrac’s solutions for telematics (that log hours automatically) with Honeywell’s service for pickup and delivery. Putting this on a single device will help drivers and carriers simplify their daily operations while streamlining regulatory compliance throughout even the largest fleets.

The new system will function as an update to legacy platforms used by many major companies in the industry. In addition to helping them log their hours electronically, it will free them up to accept loads even when they’re away from their vehicles.

These increased options will provide carriers with a way to ensure they don’t miss out on money due to outdated or limiting software solutions. It was also announced that a tablet-software package would be made available to help smaller carriers comply with the ELD mandate. The move will be handled with help from Samsung Electronics.

Omnitracs has been on an innovative role, launching a tech in February with the help of Peloton to help large trucks save fuel by coordinating speed and braking more effectively.

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