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Highlight: Two Companies Added to SDCE 100

Highlight: Two Companies Added to SDCE 100

Two companies, Next Generation Logistics and EnVista, recently announced they were both named one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Magazine’s Top 100 Great Supply Chain Projects. SDCE is a magazine geared toward business technology for executives in companies and groups that deal with the supply chain. The magazine is designed to help businesses as well as the public obtain valuable knowledge, services, and solutions for developing their operations by providing unbiased studies, analysis and expert opinions on the supply and demand industry.

SDCE, which was started in 2000 as iSource Business, is published in print four times a year and as an e-book another seven. In 2003, the named was changed to Supply & Demand Chain Executive and remained part of Cygnus Business Media. Those that win this yearly award have proven able to cut costs and increase efficiency in a variety of supply chain areas such as transportation or warehousing and have in turn, gained high Returns on Investments (ROI).

The magazine’s editorial staff evaluated each of the 200 submissions for the award and graded them base on several factors: ambitiousness/scope of the project (30 percent); creative application of technologies/solutions/services used (20 percent); extent of the business results/impact (40 percent); clarity of submission (10 percent).

Next Generation Logistics, founded in 1988, is a top provider of managed freight services, Transportation Management Software (TMS), and consulting services. They have been in business for 26 years, working in the Food and Beverage and Consumer Products Industries. They work with closely with companies to learn their needs, then recommend and implement strategies and technology to help them cut costs and improve their customers’ supply chain.

“Next Generation is pleased to be recognized as a leader in the supply chain space,” said John Riske, Vice President, Business Development of Next Generation. “Our team has intimate experience with transportation best practices and brings that knowledge to each client engagement. We are committed to delivering technology and supply chain solutions that enable our customers to execute business strategies that will help differentiate their business from the competition.”

envista, another top supply chain consulting and IT services company, won a top position for the fourth year in a row. At least one project helped them claim the award: a project for FCL Logistics. enVista recently put into place an in-depth comprehensive Workforce Management solution in five FCL Logistic distribution centers. Part of the package included creating engineer labor standards and preferred methods, starting a comprehensive labor management system (LMS), and training all employees. Since Go-Live, FCL’s productivity has increased 25% in all areas and they have reduced labor by over 5,000 hours in the first 6 months after implementation. They have managed to save ten of thousand of dollars in previously paid out overtime expenses and also largely reduced its warehouse expense to sales ratio.

enVista President and CEO Jim Barnes said, “At enVista, our primary focus is on delivering client value and results across the end-to-end supply chain. Each year we complete hundreds of supply chain and IT projects that result in increased profitability, savings and efficiencies for our clients. Being recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive for one of our successful Workforce Management projects further demonstrates enVista’s deep supply chain expertise and how we

focus first and foremost on our clients’ success across our organization. We look forward to continuing to build on this reputation by exceeding client expectations and delivering value.”

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