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High Performance Truck Industry 2015-2019

High Performance Truck Industry 2015-2019

The high performance truck market is advancing at a slow pace, mainly because of the flat growth in matured sectors like Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the U.S. The main reason behind this slow progression is the stagnant economic growth, which has resulted in low investment interest in mining and construction activities. According to Technavio’s market research analysts, the truck industry will reach 4 million in sales units, during 2015-2019.

However, rigid emission norms are forcing OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) to embrace fuel efficient technology, like AMT, utilization of lighter material, alternative power trains and engine downsizing, which has led the high performance trucks to exhibit a stark rise in the cost of production. The incremental cost is disastrous for the consumer market, because a direct rise in price will raise the consumer cost, which can result in a negative impact for the overall truck and parts manufacturing corporations.

Although the Asia-Pacific region is going through a high growth phase in the manufacturing of heavy trucks, the enhanced demand of the growing economy and the infrastructure in countries like India, Indonesia, China and Malaysia, is predicted to result in a stimulated demand for the high performance trucks during 2015-2019. Market landscape of the trucking industry can be evaluated by considering several points, concerning the manufacturing and sales of these vehicles. The main utility of the high performance, heavy duty vehicles is to transport goods and products in the transportation, delivery and mining activities.

In most of the countries, transportation plays a vital role in the stabilization of the economy, as it ensures the transference of goods from major ports and shipment points to other parts of the country. The dispersion of goods and products is possible through the strong link between the cities and the ports, through a strong and stable transportation sector, where trucks are used for delivering merchandise in a fast and efficient way. ATA has taken several steps to ensure that a major component of the economy, i.e. the trucking sector, remains stable.

By taking several steps in the fields of driver safety, comfort and performance, fleet companies are making headway to enable the trucking industry to produce high profits. The report by the Technavios market research analysts explains in detail the present condition and also highlights the potential growth prospects in the global high-performance truck market. The research report has also shed light on the geographical segmentation, which is demarcated on the basis of truck manufacturing industries with main areas defined as America, APAC and EMEA.

Researchers have also tried to provide valuable insights into the calculations, regarding the market size per total production units, mainly Class-7 and Class-8 trucks. Another thing, which can affect the market production, is the increase in competition on a global level. Moreover, rigid environmental legislations, rising fuel prices and saturated markets have decreased the composite performance levels and the overall demand of the truck manufacturing firms. – See more at:

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