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Has the Opinion on ELDs Changed?

Has the Opinion on ELDs Changed?

It was announced at the end of 2015 that federal law would change the way drivers are required to record their miles on any given journey. Drivers and carriers were given until the end of 2017 to comply. With the first quarter of the year already finished, time is running out.

While many large carriers have already upgraded from paper log books to electronic devices, smaller carriers are less acclimated to the new rule. The change, which was designed to ensure HOS rules and rest breaks were handled properly, has been controversial since its introduction.

Toward the summer of last year, a fierce legal battle was in effect that saw The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) involved in a lawsuit. They took legal action against the mandate by filing a suit months before, alleging that the proposed change would serve as a privacy violation – and that it would do little to reduce accidents.

Even the constitutionality of the mandate was called into question as those in the industry with fewer resources saw this as a rough financial burden that seemed more arbitrary than data-based. As the deadline approaches for compliance, little has changed in terms of the mandate’s reputation among drivers.

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