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Halo Tire Inflator Used By 100+ Fleets

Halo Tire Inflator Used By 100+ Fleets

The ‘Halo Tire Inflator’ technology is now used by 100+ fleets, Aperia Technologies proudly announced. The new system works on the principle of securing (bolting) onto trailers wheels and trucks to allow it to produce power to regulate tire pressure throughout the truck journey. The best thing about Halo tire inflator is that it doesn’t use the vehicle’s air system.

In a press conference at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s meetings, John Cater, the CEO of Aperia, told the press that the company has already conducted many independent testing experiments before installing the system in a vehicle. To be very accurate about the number of comprehensive independent testing experiments, he ensured that the system has been tested on more than 50 vehicles.

“Halo is increasingly preferred by all types and sizes of fleets because it’s the easiest tire inflation system to add to new vehicles or to retrofit on existing equipment,” stated Carter. “In the past year we’ve seen many fleets move from pilot tests, to putting Halos on all new trucks and trailers, to full fleet full retrofits. These customers are adding thousands of Halo systems after seeing results of over 50 individual fleet tests that confirm the value of the Halo tire inflation system on tractors and trailers,” he further added.

In order to facilitate fleet experimenting, Aperia also plans to feature wireless data acquirement systems that are user-friendly, and can easily monitor tire pressure and the system’s functioning. The implications of our customer tests based on tire wear studies are that Halo can improve tire life by 12% on average,” said Cater. “If Halo were used throughout the Class 7 and 8 trucking industry, it could reduce tire waste by over 11 million tires annually and save 1.7 billion gallons of fuel from being used unnecessarily,” he further added.

Making full use of the press conference, the company also welcomed the new addition in Trailer Tail inventor, Andrew Smith, who will be taking his place as the senior advisor for the company. Smith was the one who founded the technology ATDynamics. Smith believes that his ideas and counseling may actually be of value here at Aperia and can accelerate the niche infiltration process for Halo Tire Inflator.

Speaking to the press about his decision to join Aperia, Smith was found remarking, “Just as the most competitive fleets in the industry have added aerodynamic devices to trailers, the most competitive fleets will also soon have tire inflation systems on their tractors as well as their trailers. The adoption of Halo is a simple decision for fleet executives once they realize that its cost saving, safety and environmental benefit potential can be realized immediately.” – See more at:

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