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Haldex Introduces New Air Disc Brakes to North America

Haldex Introduces New Air Disc Brakes to North America

Haldex has recently announced that it will soon be introducing its ModulT air disc brakes in the North American trucking market.Jeff Strokes, the global product manager of discs brakes at Haldex, was reported making comments about the air discs success in the global markets. He said in a press conference at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) meeting that it was high time they were introduced in the North American market as well.

“The disc brake has been sold in Europe for years and has undergone three years of extensive testing in Canada,” he stated.

One key thing to keep in mind, the company, for starters, is only offering ModulT for 22.45-inch wheelers. More sizes for trailers will be introduced once they see how well these air disc brakes are doing in trailers with 22.5-inch wheels.

When talking about its features, the company said that with everything included, they only weight about 70 lbs. Other than that, it also features a single-piston mechanism which provides equivalent performance as that of two twin-piston mechanism. To offer maximum protection from heat, debris and stones the bellow seal is placed inverted.

Thanks to the boltless brake pad retainer, Strokes believe that the pads can easily be removed or replaced in less than a minute without the use of any mechanical tools. He further added, “The ModulT air disc brake is the perfect solution for fleets looking for high efficiency with greater control and stability for a long service life with lower total cost of ownership.”

The company is known to provide 20% of all supplies in the European market and the reason they believe it is time to expand and enter the North American market is because the company believes that there is “a wind of change is in the air”, as quoted by Strokes.

“We have grown market share in Europe to over 20% in five years,” Stokes said.

The company’s ModulT has been reaping big profits for the company since its launch back in April 2011. The company will soon be manufacturing the millionth air disc brake in the coming few months hopefully. Strokes believes that the air disc brakes are more cost-efficient; offering a lower cost of ownership when compared to drum brakes.

“It is proven that disc brakes are the cheaper alternative over the life of the vehicle,” Stokes concluded.

The very first model to be released will be DBT22LT trailer brake and soon after evaluating how well it is received, additional models including the DBT19LT, the DBT19, and the DBT22MD will be released, followed by a variety of other trucking applications and components. – See more at:

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