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Gulick Trucking Announces Implementation of ORBCOMM Technology

Gulick Trucking Announces Implementation of ORBCOMM Technology

Gulick Trucking is a carrier specializing in the transport of retail merchandise, perishable food items, and dry freight. With decades of experience in the trucking industry, Gulick is a well-known name. The company is a certified EPA Smartway Transport Partner, and utilizes a unique lease/purchase program to attract new drivers and owner-operators. But the organization continues to innovate and expand their operations – recently it was announced they would be implementing ORBCOMM’s telematics systems to track, monitor, and control fleets.

ORBCOMM Inc. is a leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication equipment across the globe. These solutions utilize a unique combination of hardware, software, and connections base on cellular and satellite technology. This technology makes it very easy to track mobile assets, making it a great fit for the truck driving industry. By incorporating the new systems, Gulick hopes to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Marc, Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s CEO said: “We specialize in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ needs for any size fleet, asset class or integration requirements. Our telematics solutions enable Gulick to protect and improve the delivery of their on-board cargo, while optimizing asset utilization and efficiency of their operations throughout the supply chain.”

In addition to helping the organization track its freight while mobile, the systems also provide Gulick with temperature monitoring/control capabilities, logistics services, and fuel management assistance. ORBCOMM’s telematics solutions are designed to integrate with the TMW dispatch software platform, allowing for easy reading and control through a single system.

Gulick management believes that the increased visibility will provide them with the advantages they need to take their organization to the next level. With additional data, the company can manage assets more effectively and cut operational costs. This in turn will make it easier for them to provide a better experience for their customers.

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