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Great American Trucking Show Features “Rigs Without Cigs”

Great American Trucking Show Features “Rigs Without Cigs”

The Great American Trucking Show is upon us, and excitement is in the air.  This highly-anticipated event serves as a great destination for those in the freight industry. State-of-the-art equipment and networking opportunities are always plentiful at the famed show, but one program will get its start at the show this year.

For years, the trucking industry has been working to improve driver health. The unique work arrangement of truck drivers means they get little exercise and often have to rely on fast food. But while weight issues are one major problem, smoking is just as serious.

The trucking industry can be stressful. Drivers who are on new routes, cutting deadlines close, or dealing with bad traffic may resort to smoking as a means to relax. Vicious schedules and little rest can also lead to smoking, making it likely that drivers will use nicotine in some capacity.

The Rigs without Cigs smoking cessation program will debut at the first day of the show. The program is open to both truckers and their spouses. Each quarter has a period in which new entrants are accepted. There will be a conference call at the beginning of each quarter, where participants can discuss their progress.

Prizes will be awarded both quarterly and yearly, and those enrolled in RoadPro Rewards can get incentive gifts and extra points. The program aims to provide resources in the form of information, links, and other materials from those who have had success kicking the habit in the past. Tom Kyrk, a truck driver who is a high-profile advocate for health in the industry, will be featured in the program. Carolyn O’Byrne, a coach who specializes in helping drivers live a healthy lifestyle, is also serving as an advisor to the program.

O’Byrne first got interested in the subject of trucker health due to her husband, a second-generation driver. She noted the challenges drivers face and says smoking is one of the most severe. The smoking rates of truck drivers are higher than those of the general population. While smoking isn’t the main cause of all trucker health issues, it is easily one of the most concerning long-term problems.

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